Today’s blog, dearest readers, is on an absolutely stunning piece of music called Dream 13 (minus even) by contemporary classical composer, Max Richter. In all honesty I had never listened to any of Richter’s work before, and I stumbled across this piece earlier today and I won’t lie to you all, I absolutely cried my eyes out at how stunningly simple, yet so touching it is. The piece is part of his latest 2015 album Sleep, which is an album that is eight hours long (the length of a healthy amount of sleep), and it’s aims are to aid with more peaceful sleeping routines. This particular piece is actually on the sister of this original album, which aims to help with peaceful thinking in the daytime.

Dream 13 (minus even) is scored for cello, piano and synths and is a wonderful harmonic landscape, that instantly evokes memories and happy times for me. The asymmetrical rhythm creates a wonderful atmosphere that is so calming and just so very nostalgic. Due to the purpose of this piece within the album, there is very little variation on the main harmonic structure, but I believe this is what makes it so pure and so beautiful. The cello part is incredibly simple, yet for me it sounds like taking a massive breath and exhaling slowly over time. Musically I don’t have lots to say for this piece, other than reasons why I absolutely adore it and have listened to it at least twenty time today alone.

As many of you probably know I am coming to the end of my undergraduate degree at The University of Sheffield studying my absolute passion – music. I think part of the reason this makes me very emotional right now is that, truthfully, I am not ready to finish my degree and say goodbye to so many people who I love (even though I am staying in Sheffield next year studying an MA in Musicology). This piece gets me right where I’m very vulnerable at the moment, and for this reason alone I love it. Three years has gone insanely fast, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with better people.

Therefore, this blog is dedicated to my amazing year group at Sheffield, who, without you all I probably wouldn’t be half the person I am today. I want to give you all confidence that you can finish this degree and all make brilliant lives for yourself, and I hope we can stay in touch. Its taken me all day to finish this blog as I keep getting upset (even though I’ve tried to keep it in for so long!). So a massive thank you to you all, you are all stars and I will miss you all dearly if you’re leaving Sheffield this year. I hope you can find comfort in this piece like I can and if any of you ever need a chat or hugs, I am most certainly here for you. Happy listening and lets smash these last couple of weeks!

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P.S – Please do not mention this blog to me in person because there’s a 100% chance I will get teary!

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