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Chocolat was released in 2000 and is based on the novel of the same name by Joanne Harris. The story follows a mother and daughter who arrive in a small French village and open up a chocolaterie. The romantic-drama received positive reviews, praising the acting, the screenplay and Rachel Portman’s score. The soundtrack was nominated for the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award for ‘Best Original Score’ and the Grammy Award for ‘Best Score’. 


The Music

The Main Titles is the first track on the score, and gives the audience the first impression of the film. The flute and harp duo at the beginning shows Portman’s delicate lyrical writing, before even more wonder if opened up. The sustained string accompaniment supports the growing melody, which soon sees a piano join in. 

The mysterious opening makes way for the dance-like middle section to emerge. The accompaniment is set up by the strings as the winds dance above. The perky melodies here intertwine, with the pulsating accompaniment adding character to the swaying melody. The Main Titles end with a reprise of the new melody before the music slowly dies off into the distance. 


Final Thoughts

The Main Titles to Chocolat are riddled with mystery and wonder. From the slow and delicate opening, to the perky middle section, the soundtrack leaves you wanting more. 


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