Barrington Pheloung: Lewis Main Titles


Australian composer Barrington Pheloung (1954-2019) is now best remembered for his music for Inspector Morse, Lewis, and Endeavour. Running from 2006-2015, Lewis was a sequel series to the much-beloved Inspector Morse series. Lewis sees D.I. Robert Lewis and his partner D.S. James Hathaway unfold the many stories within the town of Oxford. The gentle and atmospheric score by Pheloung creates a quintessential pastoral English score for this popular drama. 


The Music

The Main Titles to Lewis starts with a flowing string theme that soon grows into the memorable clarinet solo. This slow-moving melody is rich in tone and sits neatly on top of the pulsating strings below. The clarinet is also accentuated by harp plucks which adds some sparkle to the melody. As the clarinet starts the second repeat of the melody, the dynamics begin to rise. Although quite rich in texture, the overall theme remains very light. The addition of other wind instruments and the horns creates that pastoral feel as the ensemble grows together. The string take over the theme as the clarinet offers a counter-melody. This gentle piece comes to its conclusion as the clarinet plays part of the melody one last time as the strings come to a quiet end. 


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