Harry Gregson-Williams: A Narnia Lullaby


Harry Gregson-Williams composed the score for the 2005 fantasy film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Gregson-Williams’ soundtrack employs a huge number of orchestral musicians, a large mixed voice choir, soloists and vocalists. Gregson-Williams was nominated for ‘Best Original Score’ at the Golden Globes that year for his unforgettable score for this popular fantasy story. 


The Music

A Narnia Lullaby is played by Mr. Tumnus, a friendly fawn who befriends Lucy Pevensie upon her first visit to Narnia. Tumnus gets Lucy into his small house by promising a warm drink and some food. What Lucy does not know at this point is that the fawn has been employed by the White Witch of Narnia to entrap any ‘Sons of Adams’ or ‘Daughters of Eve’. This short lullaby aims to send Lucy to sleep so he can hand her over to the White Witch. 

The most noticeable thing about A Narnia Lullaby is the unique instrument playing the main melody. Throughout the score, Gregson-Williams uses instruments that were used in ancient folk music to add colour and integrity to the score. For this lullaby, Gregson-Williams employs a Duduk to play the melody. An apricot wood, double-reeded instrument, a Duduk is a unique wind instrument. The airy timbre of the instrument adds to the mysterious scene,, with the modal melody adding to the folk element. 

As the scene becomes more intense, so does the music. The choir enters, as do parts of the orchestra. On screen, this is accompanied by a fire scene, which Lucy watches as she is sent into a deep slumber. The voices add a foreboding element, with the strings adding a percussive edge to the music. As the music reaches the climax, the brass rear their heads before the lullaby finishes quietly.


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