Giuseppe Verdi: The Force of Destiny Overture


Giuseppe Verdi’s La forza del destino (‘The Force of Destiny’) was first performed at the Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre in Saint Petersburg in 1862. It remains one of Verdi’s most popular productions to date, with there being a number of recordings and performances across the world. The overture to the opera has also found much success in and out of the opera world. A staple in orchestral repertory, the overture is often heard at the start of orchestral concerts, or even as an encore work. 


The Music

At this time, it was traditional for the composer of an opera overture to weave tunes from the production into the overture to set the scene for what is to come. Verdi adheres to this approach, after opening the overture starkly with three bold notes played by the brass. The drama of this opening immediately introduces the listener to the ‘fate theme’, which is followed by an agitated passage in a minor key.

After the striking opening, Verdi takes us on a journey through some aria melodies heard later on in the opera. Verdi mixes soaring melodies, short pizzicato accompaniments and dramatic changes in character to create a true insight into the opera. The changes in character from solemn to cheerful and jubilant creates intrigue and wonder as to what the opera has in store. Verdi’s intricate writing and captivating harmonic language makes this quite the overture, which concludes brilliantly with the brass leading.


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