Alan Silvestri: Back to the Future Main Titles


 Alan Silvestri composed the soundtrack for the 1985 sci-fi movie, Back to the Future, with the direction that the music had to be big and heroic. Silvestri had worked with Director Robert Zemeckis before, and so their good working relationship helped shape the iconic soundtrack that we know and love today.


The Music

Opening with a bold brass fanfare, the first few notes are instantly recognizable as the theme from Back to the Future. The big sweeping lyrical lines oppose the staccato brass, who triumphantly soar on top of the orchestra.  Silvestri’s melodic writing is soon chopped up into bite size chunks and passed around to different parts of the orchestra. The trumpets lead with the return to the main theme, which bursts through the lyrical string section that so elegantly brings the theme full circle. A long build up creates tension towards the end of the piece, with the percussion rolling until the brass burst into the forefront with their final fanfare.


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