Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.19


Johannes Brahms completed his 21 Hungarian Dances by 1879, and they still remain one his most popular collections of music. All of the dances are based on traditional Hungarian folk tunes and range from c.1 minute to 6 minutes in duration. Some of the dances have become much more recognisable than others, but as a set they are a force to be reckoned with. During this 21-part ‘Explore Hungarian Dances’ on Classicalexburns, we will be delving into the ins and outs of this famous collection.


The Music

Opening with a sweet flute and piccolo theme, the woodwind take charge of the first listen of the theme of the nineteenth dance. The upper strings join in before the heavy brass take over with a strong and bounding accompaniment. In classic Brahms style, the central section is climactic and fully orchestrated. The opening theme returns towards the end of the dance, this time fully-realised with all of the orchestra involved in its final play through. This ends in a brilliante finale chord.


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