Karl Jenkins: White Water 


Composed specifically for the 2019 album of the same name, White Water is one of Karl Jenkins’ newest works for piano. A special piece that celebrated his 75th birthday, White Water is a mesmerising work that will bring you peace whenever you require it. 

The Music

Opening with a theme in the left hand, the rolling is slowly built up until both hands are playing in perfect harmony. The main theme is heard above the swaying accompaniment, which is bright and colourful, with both hands moving between each other. This theme then acts as the foundation for the rest of the melodic development as Jenkins keeps the wave-like accompaniment rolling along for the duration of the piece. There is a sweetness to Jenkins’ style in White Water, which creates a serene and relaxed atmosphere for the listener. There are no big surprises, but a consistent thread of notes that slowly come to a close to finish this peaceful work. 


Ⓒ Alex Burns

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