Georgiy Conus: Rêverie


Georgiy Conus (1862-1933) was primarily known as a music theorist, who also composed a number of works, many for the piano. Part of his Trois Compositions, Rêverie (Op.7) was composed sometime between 1895-1900.


The Music

Part of the building works of what we know as the ‘Silver Age’ of Russian music, Conus’ harmonic language is the stand out feature of Rêverie. The slow and lyrical piece is short in duration, but certainly fits a lot of movement in. The constant flow between the hands further accentuates the harmonic language of Conus, who is subtly changing chord structures to create wonderfully warm phrases. The nuanced ebb and flow adds a twinkle to the music that lifts the music off of the score. The rich sweeps of sound begin to fade away until only the most sensitive of touches finishes off this calming piece of music.


Ⓒ Alex Burns

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