Ronald Binge: Miss Melanie


Composed in 1956, Miss Melanie is said to be a lady from Ronald Binge’s imagination. A fun-loving and joyful character, Miss Melanie is another example of Binge’s token ‘Light British’ style from the 20th century. This descriptive short piece tells of some of the activities that Miss Melanie carries out during her day in the British spring weather.


The Music

The quick changes between bowing and pizzicato playing adds bounce to the main melody which is full of joy and lightness. The first violins make this quick change during the first four notes of the melody which quickly moves between bowing and pizzicato. The woodwind takes over in the central section which sees them develop the melody before the orchestra unite, with tuned percussion in tow, to perform a fully-realised picture of Miss Melanie. The flirtatious woodwind decorations represent this characteristic in Melanie and this makes her character portrait much more vivid for the listener. The tranquil sites of the village she resides also shines through in the music. After a final reiteration of the main theme, Miss Melanie concludes lightly.


Ⓒ Alex Burns

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