Harry Gregson-Williams: Fairytale


Harry Gregson-Williams teamed up once more with John Powell to create the film score for the 2001 film, Shrek. This was the third DreamWorks collaboration for the pair, with them having composed the music for Antz and Chicken Run. Alongside the motion picture score, an album full of cover songs was also released. Fairytale opens the film and comprises some familiar themes heard throughout all of the Shrek films. 


The Music

Opening with a plucked harp, piano and auxiliary percussion, the twinkling opening makes way for a sweet flute solo. This theme is heard later in the film when Fiona begins to sing. The strings then take over the theme, creating rich waves of texture as the harp and piano decorate. After a small climax the texture drops and a solo oboe emerges to play the theme once more. Gregson-Williams employs horns to accompany before the strings play the theme once more before the theme ends suddenly as the film begins. Although only short, Fairytale packs a lot of memorable material which can be heard time and time again throughout the film. 


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