Beethoven: The Basics with Andy Bush

Scala Radio Presents Beethoven: The Basics with Andy Bush is a new 4-part series coming to Scala Radio on Sundays at 1pm from the 12th April.

Radio broadcaster, writer and illustrator Andy Bush is well known for his love of indie music and comedy scene, but he also has an underlying passion for the world of classical music, especially Beethoven. So, we at Scala Radio enlisted Andy to bring it back to basics to present a new 4-part series exploring Ludwig van Beethoven.

With 2020 marking the 250th anniversary of the great composer’s birth, this series takes a look at Beethoven’s early years, the important people in his life – from friends, relatives and the objects of his affections – significant performances and premieres of his works, and, in the fourth and final episode, his legacy.

Andy Bush is an absolute beginner when it comes to the life and music of Beethoven. In this series, filled with humour and curiosity, Andy will find out more about the composer from broadcasters, musicians, composers and self-confessed Beethoven fans, such as Scala Radio’s very own Jack Pepper.

Every episode will be packed full of Beethoven’s most popular works along with some lesser-known musical gems that are well worth discovering.

The first episode examines Beethoven’s formative years, including his early works and the composers who inspired him, and features his ‘Piano Concerto No.0’, which he started writing when he was just 12, and his first symphony.

Listen to Beethoven: The Basics with Andy Bush on Scala Radio on Digital Radio across the UK.


Please take a read of our interview with Andy Bush on his upcoming series.

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