John Barry: Somewhere in Time 


John Barry’s score for the 1980 film Somewhere in Time remains one of his most popular scores for film. Evoking emotion for many listeners, the main titles for Somewhere in Time feature pianist Roger Williams. Although not a big box office hit, it was TV showings of the film that garnered so much interest from film lovers. The soundtrack has remained popular, with many using the main titles as a wedding theme. 


The Music

Led by soaring strings throughout, Barry’s signature style is painted all over this piece. Opening with a delicate flute solo accompanied by harp, Barry builds up the texture and slowly layers voices to grow into a fruitful theme. The development of the theme can be heard most obviously in the string part, but also in Barry’s nuanced use of the upper woodwind section. A central piano interlude is heard, performed by Roger Williams. Delicate in character and adding to the overall nostalgia of this piece, this unaccompanied piano section brings warmth and safety to the music. As the orchestra re-enter, the opening flute solo returns before the titles conclude with a soft reprise of the melody from the strings.


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