Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: Epiphany


Featured in the 2020 Disney Pixar film, Soul, Reznor and Ross’ Epiphany plays at a pivotal point within the film. As the lead character reminisces at all the things he may have taken for granted, he soon realises that you can follow your dreams without letting them rule your whole life. Throughout the film Reznor and Ross approach the score with a New-Age feel, with Jon Baptiste looking after the jazz arrangements. 


The Music

The track opens with a solo piano playing a light and fragmented theme. As the main character begins playing on his piano, he begins to think back to when he ate a good slice of pizza, and when he caught a leaf from a tree. He puts these items on his piano and lets his fingers do the talking. His memory takes him back to memories of spending time with friends and family, feeling the ocean around his feet, and teaching a student the trombone. The music begins to grow into fruition as the memories become clearer and more vivid. On screen, the dark apartment turns into a colourful cinematic wonderland, where the main character realises he lives his life. Soul is a very reflective film, but this scene paired with Reznor and Ross’s music really hones that point.


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