Gina Williams is the lady on everybody’s lips right now, after her November 2017 classical album release of Olympiad, which sees choral and orchestral forces collide. This dynamic multi-talented musician has created a ground-breaking classical album, that was certainly an unpredictable move for her career. Gina got in touch with me earlier this year, and we have spoken a lot about Olympiad and what it means to her, and I am so excited to share this music with you all in this album review post.

Olympiad consists of eight tracks:

I. Kyrie II

II. Glory!

III. Oh My Heart

IV. Crucifixus

V. The Love of Christ

VI. Olympiad

VII. Kyrie III (Lord Have Mercy)

VIII. Reverence

Williams’ return to classical music has taken time, since she felt she wasn’t truly suited to the genre. However, as classical music was such a large part of her past, it is unsurprising it has surfaced again within her art.

“I felt strongly impressed (I believe by God) to release a classical album. I have been hearing completed scores and songs in my mind for decades.”

What’s so special about Olympiad, is the journey this album has taken to reach its final form. Looking at face value, this album took about a year and a half to reach its ‘final form’. However, Williams recalls that the title track ‘Olympiad’ was conceived in her mind from as young as fifteen years old.

“Olympiad was born in my mind at age 15 – the key, the transitions, etc. I tried to write it out as best as I could, but with no formal training in orchestration, I at least recorded the parts that I was in hearing in my mind. Fortunately, I am able to remember the music that is ‘given’ to me.”

After many trials and tribulations over a span of many years, the final tracks on Olympiad are bursting with musical delights, that are accessible for all music lovers. A majority of the recording of the album was done in Ukraine, where Williams collaborated with the Academic Choir of the National Radio of Ukraine.

The first track ‘Kyrie II’, is a cry out for mercy from the people, into the world. The strong forces of the orchestra and choir create a dramatic foundation for the Latin text to sing through in all its glory. This is a trend throughout this whole album, where musical forces collide and create bursts of colour and important messages.

“My favourite work is ‘Kyrie III’. It’s a reminder that we are not left alone and abandoned – only to eventually die and become, at best, food for the next maggot generation…People are precious, we just need to learn how to truly love one another.”

I’d like to personally thank Gina Williams for contacting me, and collaborating with me for this review. Her kindness can only be described as incredible, and I am so glad to have made a new friend over the pond!

You can find out more about Gina Williams and buy her works via this link

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